Babolat Pure Aero VS

Posted on August 27, 2021 by Daniel Renfro in Tennis Racquets

Babolat introduced the Pure Aero VS in 2020 as a modern version of the 2007 Aero Storm. The Pure Aero VS is more headlight than the previous version, making this a great racquet to add spin to the ball. The features help create angled shots and winners as well as taking control of the net.

Babolat kept the Aerodampner beam the same in both versions of this racquet, but also added their Pure Cortex dampening material to the Pure Aero VS. This allows for a softer ride with a nice boost in pocketing. The thicker beam will allow for more stability.

Overall, the racquet has a 98 square inch frame, a tapered beam, stiffness index of 70, and weighs 10.8 ounces unstrung. It features a 16 x 20 string pattern as well. The added benefits and modifications to this racquet make it on the more expensive side.

Professional tennis players, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Jack Sock used the Babolat Pure Aero VS and played with both power and control.

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What Type of Player This Racquet Is Good For

The Babolat Pure Aero VS will perform well with intermediate to advanced players. This headlight racquet makes it great for aggressive players who perform well with loaded topspin and are constantly up at the net.

General Ratings


Aggressive tennis players will love the power they will be able to hit the ball with when playing with the Pure Aero VS. Given a rating of 86, enjoy hitting offensively and with more depth in your shot.


When compared to the 2019 Pure Aero, this updated racquet has more control with a rating of 84. Feel confident hitting your placement shots with the control it gives whether you’re hitting a topspin or flat shot. Having a higher rating in control allows you to be more confident taking volleys up at the net.


Comfort was given a lower score of 78. While the Pure Aero VS gives nice stability and control, the comfort doesn’t hold up as much. This can affect your decision of purchasing this racquet if you have tennis injuries that might be proliferated with a racquet that isn’t quite as comfortable.


As mentioned previously, the Pure Aero VS is great for players looking to hit with topspin. The string pattern of 16 x 20 will give a great feel as you power up for your next shot. It has a big sweet spot so you can feel in control when adding topspin which is why it was given a high rating of 89.

Shot Specific Ratings


Another high rating of 89 was given for the groundstrokes when using the Babolat Pure Aero VS. Players feel comfortable and in control when hitting with this racquet. It feels more consistent to hit groundstrokes with power than the Babolat Pure Drive. Your shots will have high power and greater depth that will push your opponents off of the court.

Touch / Feel Shots

Expect every shot to feel the same when you’re hitting with the Pure Aero VS. Players using this racquet love the stability that comes when hitting aggressive shots either behind the baseline or up at the net. Therefore, the ball won’t feel out of control coming off of your racquet.


If you’re a player that loves to put a lot of power and heavy spin into your serves, then the Babolat Pure Aero VS is for you. The weight of the racquet will be able to control the spin and speed of the ball coming off of your racquet and landing in the service box.

However, it was given a rating of 84 because it can be harder for players looking to get that heavy topspin with their serves when using the Pure Aero VS. Taking flat serves up the T are best when using this racquet.


The added weight to the Pure Aero VS over the original Pure Aero shows a difference when hitting volleys up at the net which is why it was given a rating of 85. It will help your racquet feel stable and in control when reaching for those tougher volleys and getting them in.


Returns were given a rating of 86. Players reviewing the Pure Aero VS enjoyed how they felt comfortable attacking the ball on the return of serve. This racquet allows you to drive the ball back to your opponent deep and with topspin off of a serve.

While the racquet could use a little more stability, one of the best features noted was the maneuverability. Players can easily access tougher serves hit to them and feel confident getting them back on return.


The slice was given a rating of 84 because of the control players receive when hitting this shot. The Pure Aero VS did lack to bring depth to slice shots. Deeper slice shots will keep your opponent behind the baseline instead of giving them a chance to come up at the net. Nevertheless, it still hits a solid slice with control and reliable response.


Overall, the Babolat Pure Aero VS is a great racquet to use all around. Run to the ball with ease due to its maneuverability, and hit deep shots with heavy topspin. Aggressive players who have a hard swing will love the Pure Aero VS because it will give them the control they’re looking for when hitting angled shots and moving their opponents off the court.

One of the downfalls is the comfort level. Although, its blend of both power and control overrides this concern. This headlight racquet will allow you to perform your best with quick maneuverability and steady performance.