Best Sunglasses for Tennis in 2020

Posted on October 28, 2020 by Daniel Renfro in Accessories

Playing tennis with the sun glaring in your eyes is no easy task. Finding the best sunglasses to wear while playing tennis can be even more of a challenging task. Whether you are searching for sunglasses to protect your eyes or to see more clearly in the bright sun, you can elevate your tennis game by finding the perfect pair with features to fit your needs.

Below you will find a list of the best sunglasses for when you are out playing tennis to ease your search. You might even be surprised about how many features you should be looking into to fit your needs.

Important Qualities of Tennis Sunglasses

There are substantial components to consider before purchasing a pair of sunglasses. It is important to look for ones that are lightweight with low light leakage, low slippage, polarization, and plenty of UV protection. You also want them to be durable so that they will last years. The cost of tennis sunglasses can range in price and style depending on the brand of interest.

Low Light Leakage

Purchasing sunglasses with low light leakage is considered important because it is probably the reason you are in need of sunglasses for your tennis playing. The different angles of the sun can affect how much sunlight leaks into your sunglasses. More open space in your glasses allows for more sun to creep into your eyes and affect your vision. This is why wrap around tennis sunglasses are highly recommended because they block any sunlight coming in from any angle.


Tennis sunglasses should be lightweight. Wearing tennis sunglasses that have added weight to them can affect your playing because of constant readjustments. The lighter they feel, the more you won’t notice them on your face.

Low Slippage

Low slippage is one of the most important qualities to look into when finding the right pair of sunglasses for yourself. You don’t want to be concerned about whether or not your tennis sunglasses will fall off when you are about to take a shot. It can affect your mental game. Search for sunglasses with features that help reduce movement when you are running for a ball. These features can include more grips around the nose and by your ears. The best tennis sunglasses will have grips that become grippier when wet with perspiration.

Anti Fog

Anti-fog can be a useful feature when you are used to playing in misty situations, or humid situations. If you live in a humid area, you will want to consider sunglasses with this feature for when you are playing outside to prevent fogging that will impair your sight on the ball.


Polarized sunglasses can help create a better visual experience when you are playing tennis. Polarization reduces glare that might reflect from the sunlight that non-polarized sunglasses will not. Whether you are playing on clay courts, hard courts, or grass tennis courts, cutting the glare is important. Expect to find the sun glaring off the clay and hard courts making it especially important to wear polarized tennis sunglasses when playing on these types of courts.


UV (ultraviolet) rays from the sun can cause burns and damage to your eyes. Sunglasses with UV protection differ from polarization because they offer general protection for your eyelids and can help prevent cataracts. Keep in mind that there are various types of UV-rays. While your eyes are usually protected against UVB-rays; it is important to look for lenses that can protect you against UVA and UVC rays as well.

Durable Material and Joints

High-quality tennis sunglasses will last you for years because they are made with durable materials and joints. Any pair of sports sunglasses can become damaged through any constant wear and tear. The best tennis sunglasses will be able to hold through your constant moving, shifting around, and through any sweat.


The cost of the tennis sunglasses depends on the additional features and brands you are searching for. The best tennis sunglasses with a higher price will be one’s with a higher-quality and known brand name like Oakley. However, if you are searching for sunglasses that have similar functions there are ones that are more affordable.


I know it’s important to look your best while out on the tennis courts. A pair of tennis sunglasses can have all of the functions and features that you are looking for but can be an issue if you don’t like what they look like on you. You will find in the list below different styles of sunglasses all with important features so that you can look your best while playing your best!


What is the best lens color for tennis players?

Generally speaking, color is not most important when searching for tennis sunglasses because you want ones that are polarized or protect your eyes from 100% UV rays. The main purpose of purchasing tennis sunglasses is to see the ball and court clearly as you play without becoming blinded by the sun.  If you are concerned, then one’s with a yellow spectrum should be best to see in high contrast.

Why do most pro tennis players not wear sunglasses?

Seeing the contrast of the tennis ball in a sharp view is a considerable concern for pro tennis players. The tennis sunglasses can add unnecessary weight to their concerns because playing tennis is their career and pros want to win. Any visual impairments can hinder their performance on the courts, therefore, altering their performance.

Should I wear sunglasses for tennis?

Yes, those not competing in high-stakes competitions will generally benefit. The best tennis sunglasses can help improve your performance if the sun is impairing your eyesight. Sunglasses can help protect your eyesight to prevent future injuries or blindness from the constant UV-rays. This is especially important for when you go to serve the ball because the sun can be in the way from where you want to toss and make contact with the ball.