Best Tennis Bags and Backpacks in 2020 

Posted on November 26, 2020 by Daniel Renfro in Accessories

World-renowned tennis players like Serena Williams depend on their tennis bag to carry all of their essentials beyond tennis racquets. Yes, it is important to have at least two racquets in case one of the strings pop, but you will need a tennis bag to store everything beyond racquets to perform your best.

If you are looking to play a long day of tennis, you will want one that can hold your sneakers, snacks, gear, and more. Some of the best tennis bags will even have insulated compartments to keep your items cool throughout the hottest of days.

Tennis bags and backpacks come in many different styles with each type serving different functions. Whether you are just starting out tennis or are a competitive player that is looking for the best tennis bag, our list below can help guide you to pick the right one to match your needs.

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How To Pick a Tennis Bag

Pick out a tennis bag according to your needs. If you are a pro and competitive player look into larger bags with bigger compartment space. However, beginners or intermediate players might need a bag to hold just the basics.

Number of Racquets

Competitive players usually have a wide range of tennis racquets to use. The larger tennis bags will be able to hold more of your racquets instead of leaving them behind. Keep in mind that it is essential to have at least two racquets in case one of your strings break.

Shoe Compartment

If you are changing out of regular shoes into your tennis sneakers once you arrive at the tennis courts, you should look into bags with a shoe compartment. Usually, shoe compartments will have a small ventilator to ensure that your bag can continue smelling fresh. Having a storage space that is only for your shoes can prevent dirtying other items in your bag as well.

Carrying Straps

Think about whether you want to carry your tennis bag in your hands to the tennis court or on your back. What way is more comfortable for you? Some of the tennis bags have options for both so you can decide as to whether or not you want to carry your bag as a duffle or a backpack.

Amount of Storage Space

The amount of storage space you are looking for is particularly significant when searching for the best tennis bag to fit your needs. If you have more racquets, a pair of tennis sneakers, and drinks and snacks to bring over to the tennis courts then you will need a bag with more space and multiple large compartments.

Types of Tennis Bags


The traditional tennis bag is one of the most popular. This type of bag can be carried over to the court by holding the two center straps in your hands or using the two straps on the back like a backpack.

Traditional tennis bags have a large amount of space with many various compartments to store almost everything. Generally, pro players enjoy these types of bags because they can fit many racquets along with gear, sneakers, snacks, and more!


One of the most convenient ways to store your tennis gear is in a backpack. Backpacks are great if you want to bike or walk to the tennis courts making it useful to serve different functions.

While backpacks can generally store a copious amount of gear, they won’t be big enough to store more than two racquets.

This is a bag that is easy to bring to the courts that is light and comfortable by placing the two adjustable straps on your back.


A tote bag styled tennis bag will look like a larger purse. This type of bag will have two straps that can be carried over on one shoulder.

Totebags are convenient when you want a smaller option and don’t need to fit more than one or two racquets inside. The small zippered compartments inside can fit your keys, wallet, and phone without having to worry about misplacing them.


Duffle bags can be carried to the courts by picking up with your hands. The straps on a duffle bag are located in the center to easily pick up and place down.

Similar to the traditional tennis bag, you can store many items inside because of the large size and compartment space. This is great for tennis players who do a lot of traveling. However, there is usually only one large space to store all of your belongings in, so it might not be as ideal for those looking for a bag to carry lots of racquets.


The sling bag has one strap you can wear cross-body. Similar to the backpack, it is smaller in size compared to the duffle and traditional bag. However, the sling bag is the best versatile bag to use depending on your needs.

This is extremely versatile if you are looking to use a bag for tennis, biking, or any other outdoor activity.


What should I keep in my tennis bag?

Everything that you should keep in your tennis bag is based on all of your needs when you’re playing out on the court. If you know that you will be playing almost the entirety of the day you will likely want to search for a larger tennis bag to fit more snacks, gear, and water.

The main essentials that you should always keep in your tennis bag are your racquets, water, tennis balls, towel, and snacks. Additionally, you can store your phone, wallet, and car keys in the smaller compartments of the bags to ensure they are protected and safe.

What type of tennis bag is best for biking?

The best tennis bags for biking are either the sling or backpack. These are the most compact tennis bags to wear on your back while riding on a bike. With some of the bags listed below, you will find large compartment space in these bags to store all essentials.

The sling and backpack have comfortable straps that can usually be adjusted and have a comforting fit over your shoulders. Ride your bike with ease if you want to use your bag for a variety of functions, or are looking to ride to the courts as a warmup.

How to organize a tennis bag?

Every tennis bag has different compartments and storage spaces to help keep all of your tennis belongings organized. The most strategic way to organize your tennis bag is to start with the items you know you need to bring. Store your tennis racquets in first according to the special compartment it has, or where there is the largest storage space.

If you have any larger items like sneakers or tennis clothes, you should fit these in your tennis bag next. Most of the tennis bags listed below include a sneaker compartment which will help keep your other items clean. A water bottle or sports drink can be stored in either the designated spot for it or in the larger space next.

Store all of your smaller accessories, like your car keys and wallet in the smaller pockets located either on the interior or exterior of the bag. Once everything is all in, you are ready to go!

Best Tennis Bags & Backpacks In Summary

As you can see from the list above, there are many different types and variations of tennis bags to choose from. Each one serves a different function and purpose. Backpacks and sling bags are the best tennis bags if you plan on biking to the courts. However, the traditional tennis bag and duffles might be able to hold more tennis gear.

Tennis bags can elevate your performance to store and organize all of your snacks and gear. There is a tennis bag for everyone, it is just a matter of finding the right one for you.