The 6 Best Tennis Ball Machines of 2020 Reviewed

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Daniel Renfro in Training Gear

Are you looking to improve your tennis game? Tennis ball machines are one of the most effective ways to up your game. You can practice your forehands, backhands, and volleys at any time without needing a partner. This is an excellent way to work on your form and footwork without a coach because you know the ball machine will continue to feed you tennis balls.

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or just looking to hit more, you will be sure to find the right one for you. Look at the list below of the best tennis ball machines to find the one to match your needs.

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Benefits of a Tennis Ball Machine

There are numerous benefits to purchasing a tennis ball machine whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced tennis player. A tennis ball machine allows you to practice hitting against various types of shots without needing another partner. Count on your ball machine to never turn down a day of hitting!

With a ball machine, you can practice your forehand, backhand, footwork, or any other shot in the books. Use the adjustable ball controls to pick the desired speed, topspin, and oscillation of the tennis ball. The best tennis ball machines will come with more adjustable controls to increase the speed, feed rate, height, and drills.

Apart from improving your form, you will notice a difference in your endurance after playing with the tennis ball machine multiple times. The ball machine is a great way to get your heart rate up. Stay in the game for longer durations with your improved stamina after using the ball machine.

Tennis coaches find ball machines to be especially useful to maximize their player’s shots. Instead of having players wait for the coach to feed every player on the team, the ball machine provides additional feeding time for each player.

Overall, a tennis ball machine will refine and polish your tennis play from strokes to your anticipation skills. There will be a difference in your game, especially when you want to win more matches against tougher opponents.

How to Pick a Tennis Ball Machine

There are many factors to decide between when you are beginning your search for the best tennis ball machine that fits your needs. Begin with understanding your current level of play and the level of play you want to achieve. If you are looking to purchase a tennis ball machine for your family, or for your tennis team, understand the suitable needs to fit their needs as well. Some tennis ball machines are better for those who just want to get more reps in hitting balls, whereas others want to move around to focus on footwork as well. Regardless, each ball machine will improve your overall game, strokes, and ball placement.

It is important to consider how much budget you have for a ball machine. Weigh the options of how many adjustable ball controls you are looking for based on speed, spin, feed rate, and height. Consider the other factors listed below before purchasing a ball machine to understand how many features you want, or might not need.


The cost of the tennis ball machine depends on the additional features you are searching for. The best tennis ball machines out are more expensive. Tennis ball machines with a higher price have remotes that allow you to adjust the ball feed settings from the other side of the court. They have more adjustable settings for ball controls, oscillation, and drill practices.

Cheaper tennis ball machines are for those looking to practice their shots and will have lower ball speeds. Those who are on a budget, but want to improve their tennis game, should look at the list below to compare what features you will get based on affordability.

Adjustable Ball Controls

Each one of the best tennis ball machines listed below has adjustable ball controls including speed, spin, feed rate, and the height of the ball. Particular tennis ball machines have different settings for each of the ball controls depending on how advanced a ball machine you are searching for. The best tennis machines will have higher speeds, additional types of spin, a variance of feed rates, and adjustable ball heights.


The speed of the ball refers to how fast you want the ball to be fed to you. The best tennis ball machines will have higher speeds up to 80 mph.


The spin of the ball relates to whether you want a topspin, backspin, or a flat shot. A topspin and backspin shots are harder to hit against than a flat shot that has no spin. Hitting against flat shots allows you to practice putting your own topspin or backspin on the tennis ball.

Feed Rate

The feed rate refers to how much time there is in between each ball fed to you. Balls fed to you continuously with little to no break in-between will have a low feed rate compared to a higher feed rate that will give you more time in-between each shot.


The height of the tennis ball refers to how high above the net you want the tennis ball to be fed to you. Balls that are closer to the net will give you less reaction time than those lobbed higher over the net.

Power Source

When picking out one of the best tennis ball machines the battery life is important depending on how long you want to be hitting for. The average battery life ranges from two to four hours given the ones listed below.


Various tennis ball machines come with a built-in battery charge to provide hours of uninterrupted tennis playing. Leading ball machines will come with a Smart Battery Charger that will automatically shut off once the ball machine is fully charged. It is important to make sure that the ball machine you are interested in purchasing includes the battery source, so an additional purchase does not have to be made.

AC Power

A tennis ball machine can be plugged into the wall when it comes to AC Power. The advantage is that there is constant current and it does not need charging.


Oscillation means the tennis ball machine can move the ball horizontal or vertical. Horizontal oscillation is when the tennis ball machine moves the ball from side-to-side giving you more options for drills. Vertical oscillation depends on how high you want the tennis ball to be when it comes to the net.

Remote Control

As mentioned above, the more expensive tennis ball machines will come with remote control. Remote control is extremely useful when you want to change the type of shot to hit against without having to continually walk to the other side of the court to adjust the settings on the ball machine itself.

The remote control will come with various functions to control the feed of the ball. Depending on the ball machine that includes a remote control, you will be able to adjust the speed, feed rate, oscillation, and height.

Some tennis ball machines will come with a watch remote or a regular remote. With a watch remote, you can wear it on your wrist. A regular remote control has more of a tv style, but can be easy to lose or frustrating if you have to put it in your pocket or on the side of the court. Due to popular demand, some tennis ball machines are Apple Watch Compatible that allows you to connect to the ball machine to change the settings of the ball controls. It might make more sense for you to find a ball machine that has an App you can download on your phone to change the ball settings. The App will give you more features and can be easy to use.


If you are looking to practice drills with the ball machine, then you should be looking for one that allows you to create custom ones. The best ball machines have both pre-programmed and custom drills that allow you to choose what you want. Usually, tennis coaches look for ball machines with both custom and pre-programmed drills as a useful tool for their players. Pre-programmed means that the tennis ball machine will have set drills that move you around the court to practice hitting from different areas on the court. Custom drills allow you to create your own drills depending on what you want to focus on.

Ball Capacity

Ball capacity refers to how many tennis balls you can fit in the ball machine. The best tennis ball machines have higher ball capacity for you to hit more shots in a row without having to continually pick them up. Consider that a ball machine with lower ball capacity will have you picking up tennis balls more frequently than if desired.


Most of the tennis ball machines allow for easy portability. This is dependent on the weight of the ball machine itself. The ball machines below allow for easy accessibility from storing it in your car to rolling it on the court. Ball machines easier to transport have a handle and wheels that do not require picking it up. Make sure that if the ball machine you are looking at is at a weight you can bear if it does not have wheels attached.


How does a tennis ball machine work?

A tennis ball machine feeds you tennis balls from the other side of the court. Once you turn on a ball machine it will start shooting out tennis balls to the other side of the court. You can adjust the ball controls to make the feed faster, or with more topspin. They allow you to practice your groundstrokes, volley’s, and footwork without needing to find a partner. The compact and durable machine allows for continuous playing for 2-4 hours before needing to be recharged.

Which type of tennis balls should I buy for a ball machine?

Any regular tennis ball works with the ball machine. The top two recommended are Penn and Wilson. Continually update your tennis balls to ensure they are not overused for maximum bounce.

How to practice with a tennis ball machine?

The tennis ball machine is easy to practice with. Simply place it in the center-back of the court. Turn it on using the controls and use the adjustments to have the tennis ball bounce in your desired spot. If the ball machine you are using has a remote control, you can adjust the controls from the other side of the court. Once you are all set, start practicing and become the tennis player you aspire to be!

In Summary

Ball machines are a great investment to improve your tennis game. While the best tennis ball machines include more drill settings and ball controls, any ball machine will improve your tennis strokes. Whether you are a novice, intermediate, or advanced player, any ball machine will significantly improve your tennis game. With more advantages than disadvantages to having a ball machine, it is worth the price.