Best Tennis Ball Picker Uppers [2020]

Posted on November 26, 2020 by Daniel Renfro in Tennis Balls

Practicing your tennis shots consecutively is all fun and games until you run out of balls and have to pick them up. No one particularly enjoys bending down to pick up tennis balls as part of their tennis practice. Thankfully, tennis ball hoppers can ease the pain of constant bending. Your tennis practices will become more efficient and effective with more time to hit and less time to pick up tennis balls.

There are various designs of tennis ball hoppers, so how do you know which tennis ball collector is best for you? We listed out a detailed explanation of the different types and reviews of the best tennis ball picker-uppers for you to choose one that best fits your needs.

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Types of Tennis Ball Picker Uppers

There are various types of tennis ball picker-uppers to consider depending on your needs. If you are a coach or tennis pro, you will most likely be searching for the best tennis ball collector to fit your needs. Tennis ball picker-uppers with more features can maximize playing time for any tennis player looking to improve their skills. Listed below are different variations of tennis ball collectors.

Tennis Ball Mowers

If you’re looking to hit hundreds of balls in a row for serves or drills, then this would be the most effective type of tennis ball picker-upper to look into.

Tennis ball mowers are the quickest way to pick up tennis balls on any type of court, especially when there are large amounts of tennis balls scattered all over the court.

A tennis ball mower is easy to move because it is on wheels. When you roll it over the tennis balls it will drop them into a basket. You will not have to bend down, stretch, or pick up any tennis balls in the process.

Tennis Ball Rollers

Tennis ball rollers are another effective way to pick up copious amounts of tennis balls that are lying on the court. They most likely will not come with wheels attached but will have a handle to roll over tennis balls to pick them up.

Rollers are more lightweight and easy to use, making it an effective tool for teams, coaches, pros, and individual players.

To use, simply roll the tennis ball collector over the tennis balls for pick up. Some rollers listed below are built to use as a hopper as well. This limits having to dump the tennis balls into a separate hopper or container.

Tennis Ball Tubes

The tennis ball tube collectors are the perfect tennis ball picker-uppers for kids! They are lightweight, weighing about two to five pounds, and fun to use.

These are perfect for group tennis lessons of all ages to quickly collect all of the tennis balls on the court. Simply press the tube down onto a tennis ball to collect and once filled, dump into a hopper.

Factors to Consider

Consider the following factors when choosing a tennis ball picker-upper. Are you on a budget? Do you want a tennis ball collector to work as a hopper as well? Check out the various factors listed below.


The prices of tennis ball picker-uppers vary on the size, quality, and if they can be used to feed too. Mower’s tend to be more expensive because of their ability to collect an abundance of tennis balls quickly, while tennis tubes are less expensive.


Tennis ball collectors can be portable to and from your car and different types of courts. Lighter tennis ball collectors will generally be easier for younger players to use to pick up balls. However, ball collectors with wheels are easy to move around.

Amateur vs Pro

The list above of the best tennis ball collectors will point out what one is best for pro tennis instructors or amateur players. The best tennis ball collectors that have a large ball capacity are generally used by pro tennis instructors or coaches. Instructors should search for ones that will maximize their tennis players’ playing time.

Ball Capacity

The ball capacity refers to how many balls the tennis ball collector can hold.

Ease of Use / Pickup Speed

All tennis ball collectors are easy to use and will lessen your pickup speed. However, some tennis ball picker-uppers have smoother functions when rolling over tennis balls for collection.

In Summary

We suggest using a tennis ball picker-upper if you haven’t invested in one yet. Pro players and amateur or individual players can benefit from one.

The best tennis ball collectors will increase your practice time by accelerating the time it takes to pick up all of the tennis balls on the court. So no more constant bending over to pick up all of the balls scattered around. The advantages of collecting all of your balls with ease outweigh any disadvantages.

You will be sure to find the best tennis ball collector to fit your needs in the list above. Spend more time playing, and less time chasing around tennis balls!