Prince Phantom 100P

Posted on August 27, 2021 by Daniel Renfro in Tennis Racquets

In 2020, Prince decided that it was time the Prince Phantom Pro 100 had an upgrade and came out with the Prince Phantom 100P. While the soul and specs on the racquets are the same, the Prince Phantom 100P has added Twaron in the hoop and shaft of the racquet for crisper shots.

When hitting with this racquet you will have more stability, power, and feel. Overall, the ball feel is more forgiving than the Prince Phantom Pro 100. This racquet has many of the classic touches to it but with a modern feel. The Prince Phantom 100P is an overall great racquet to use that is reasonably priced for the quality.

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What Type of Player This Racquet Is Good For

The Prince Phantom 100P is a great racquet for intermediate players looking to expand their game. The touch and feel of this racquet are great for those who want stability in a racquet as well. Those who are just beginning might not be comfortable with the heavier weight of this racquet but will enjoy the stability, control, and comfort they will have when hitting with it.

General Ratings


Expect to be able to hit with more power when using the Prince Phantom 100P. Given a rating of 84, the open string pattern helps to make contact in that sweet spot to easily plow through the tennis ball. When hitting with the Prince Phantom 100P, you will notice more depth as well with the higher weight.

Advanced player, Jason, mentions how he was more consistent with this racquet and was able to hit with more power and depth. He was able to hit 4 to 5 mph faster with this racquet versus his own. The downside is that this racquet can be harder to maneuver because of the weight.


Compared to the previous version of this racquet, the Prince Phantom 100P feels more responsive. Players testing this racquet out mention the stability they have when plowing through the ball, with an overall score of 86. This is great when you’re hitting offensively to drive the tennis ball around the court while in command of the point.


Across the board, players mention comfort when hitting with the Prince Phantom 100P racquet. It was given a score of 88 when asked about comfort. The heavier weight and the touch and feel of the racquet don’t alter the comfort of the racquet. Its stable response allows you to have that comfortable feel, especially on returns.


The spin rating is a high of 86. However, it can be tough if you’re a player looking to hit with heavy topspin. Due to the heavyweight, hitting cross-court angle shots can be tough when you are used to adding that extra spin. If you are looking to add depth though, this racquet can help take some of the spin off of your shots while you enjoy the plow through.

Shot Specific Ratings


As mentioned above, with the Prince Phantom 100P you will be able to plow through your shot and give it more depth. This tennis racquet was given a rating score of 87, showing it as a great offensive weapon due to the plow through.

Kristen, an advanced tennis player reviewing this racquet mentions how her groundstrokes felt solid. The stability of the racquet allows for a better follow through due to the weight on this racquet. If backhands aren’t your strong suit, consider the Prince Phantom 100P as the comfort and stability can help control your shots and swing-through.

Touch / Feel Shots

When playing with the Prince Phantom 100P, you will enjoy the feel of the ball every time you make a shot. The racquet will feel more forgiving when striving for those tougher shots deep at the baseline. Once you make contact with the ball, the shot will feel crisp as it pops off of the racquet.


The Prince Phantom 100P was given a serve score of 85. The open string pattern and heavier weight in the Prince Phantom 100P will allow your serves to go in deeper and with more pace and spin. If you have a slice serve, consider this racquet because it will add more spin while keeping your serves consistently in the box.

Beginner tennis players can struggle to maneuver the tennis racquet through their serves due to the added weight.


The Prince Phantom 100P is a great racquet to use when you are up at the net hitting volleys. As a heavier racquet, it can reflect off some of the pace hit against you to make a compact volley at the net. The strings are extremely forgiving and can enhance your touch because of how the strings will absorb your shot.

Hit anything from deep volleys to drop shots against your opponent. Since you have less time to react and move, the maneuverability of the Prince Phantom 100P is less of an issue.


As mentioned previously, this racquet has excellent stability and control. That’s why with a rating score of 86, it is great to use when returning tough serves. The ball will reflect off your racquet and keep your stroke compact. Hit tougher returns with the racquet’s forgiving stringbed.

The added weight to the racquet can make the Prince Phantom 100P tough to maneuver when running for serves that take you out wide. However, the majority of the players testing this racquet out agreed that they enjoyed hitting flat serves up the T.


The slice was given an overall rating score of 86. When using the Prince Phantom 100P, it can be a bit tougher to hit your slice shot. Most of the advanced players using this racquet compensated for the lack of speed head by opening up the string face when going for their slice shot. Nevertheless, you can still enjoy the contact the ball makes when going for a defensive slice shot to hit angles against your opponent.


Across the board, the Prince Phantom 100P gives great power, stability, and control with your shots. Intermediate to advanced players will love the plow through with every shot, giving your balls greater depth.

However, since it has more weight on it, it isn’t as recommended for beginner players because it will make it more difficult to maneuver across the court while still hitting your sweet spot. Therefore, it won’t appeal to those who like a racquet that is more whippy.

While volleys and slices weren’t the hot spots when testing out this racquet, it can sure help control an aggressive serve up the T. Players enjoyed the depth of their serves due to the good plow through without fear that they may hit it out.