Wilson Clash 100 Tour Review

Posted on August 27, 2021 by Daniel Renfro in Tennis Racquets

Wilson came out with their Clash 100 Tour racquet in 2019. If you’re a tennis player that likes to swing big but want stability, flexibility, and power, then this racquet is highly recommended! It is a modern racquet with a good feel and soft frame. This makes it ideal for those who are prone to tennis elbow and arm injuries.

Compared to the Prince Xtreme Tour 100, the Wilson Clash 100 is more consistent, brings greater power, and has great ball pocketing. With all of the unique features included, this tennis racquet comes at an expensive price. It is made with a thicker beam but is still flexible which gives it a good comfort level and feel.

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What Type of Player This Racquet Is Good For

An aggressive player who likes to swing hard would most benefit from the Wilson Clash 100 Tour. Intermediate and advanced players will notice a considerable difference in their shot consistency and enjoy the stability when hitting volleys up at the net. However, this racquet can have an “all or nothing” game which can affect a beginner’s game and mindset.

General Ratings


Most recognized for its power, the Clash 100 Tour is given a rating of 89. This is an above-average rating when it comes to the power of a tennis racquet making it ideal for competitive players.


Players will feel in control of the ball when taking shots from behind the baseline. However, at times it can be difficult to judge the control of the ball depending on where it comes off of your racquet since it carries a smaller sweet spot. For these reasons, the Wilson Clash 100 Tour was given a rating of 79 on its control.


The Clash 100 Tour has a comfort rating of 89. Its soft beam makes this racquet ideal for those who easily get arm injuries. The flexibility of this racquet gives it the comfort that players crave.


This racquet was built for players who want power and spin. It was given a rating of 85 because the ball can easily sail if you’re not providing the necessary spin. Once you have a steady momentum going with both power and spin, it’s game over for your opponent.

Shot Specific Ratings


With a rating of 84, the Wilson Clash 100 Tour gives power, depth, and spin to your shots. The deep pocketing will give a crisp feel as you hit your groundstrokes. This is great for someone looking for a racquet to match the modern play. However, you may feel out of balance if you need a racquet with more control over your shots.

Touch / Feel Shots

Given a rating of 77, it can be difficult to find the touch you are looking for with this racquet. The Wilson Clash 100 Tour misses the mark on this aspect because it focuses so heavily on power and spin.


Since this is a headlight racquet, it will be easy to maneuver the racquet through your service motion. This is where the power and spin come into play again and leans toward your advantage. Adding spin onto your ball will allow it to kick up against your opponent.

Serve was given an average rating of 85 because of the comfort level players felt when hitting one of the toughest shots in the game.


The lightweight feel of the Wilson Clash 100 Tour will give great maneuverability and stability while up at the net. It was given a rating of 82 because it can be tougher to control your volley when hitting against a tougher shot. However, stability and power will come into play when hitting easier volleys.


Returns had a similar rating to serves, giving it an 85. Players playing with this racquet discuss how they had fun hitting returns back to their opponent. However, mostly enjoyed slap-hitting the ball, so it can be easy to lose control and placement.


The slice was granted a rating of 80. Since the touch and feel were given a lower rating it makes sense how the slice was as well. The slices can tend to hit up when going for this shot. Slices should be low and deep against your opponent.


The Wilson Clash 100 Tour can be a great weapon to use on the court when you’re going for power, spin, and stability. Yet control will be sacrificed at times with this racquet when going for those tough shots.

The overall design and headlight capability will give more comfort than you would expect out of such a powerful racquet. This is great for those who are more prone to arm and back injuries but want to keep a steady pace to their shots.

While volleys can be more difficult to hit against and control, players love the maneuverability they receive when running after a shot. This is an expensive racquet but highly recommended for intermediate and advanced players looking to have fun with strong hitting.